Our Center

The Center for Sleep Medicine is a state of the art facility, which provides diagnosis and treatment for a variety of sleep disorders and ailments.  We specialize in children and adults aged 4 and up.  A sleep study is a non invasive test which records 16 different channels of information including sleep pattern, heart rate, brain waves, oxygen level and muscle tone while you sleep overnight or during the day in a private hotel like room. Evening studies are conducted at 9:15 pm and 9:30 pm Monday through Saturday evenings.  Daytime study times are on a case by case basis.  The Center for Sleep Medicine is one of only a few sleep centers in the state accredited by The American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Types of Studies

Several types of sleep studies can be conducted at The Center for Sleep Medicine.  Some of the most common disorders that may be studied include sleep apnea, leg movements, night terrors and Narcolepsy. Once diagnosed, patients may be prescribed medication or respiratory adjuncts.  In rare cases, surgery may be needed to correct a condition. All aspects of the testing process are handled at the center, and test results are forwarded to the patients referring physician to ensure a comprehensive treatment plan.

Comfort & Convenience

The Center for Sleep Medicine appears to be anything but a clinical experience.  Four private rooms boast extra long beds, TV’s and a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape.  Caregivers or a parent may stay overnight if the patient requires assistance or is a minor.  Private showers make it convenient for those patients that need to be up early and prepare for work.  With an evening snack and a continental breakfast provided, all efforts have been made to make the patient’s experience as comfortable and home-like as possible.

Arranging for a Sleep Study

Patients can be referred by their physician or they can call us for a physician referral.  You must have a prescription from a physician to have a sleep study.

Sleep studies are usually covered by insurance, but it is recommended that all patients check with their insurance carrier for coverage details.  The Center for Sleep Medicine will check with your insurance carrier and notify you about a referral, if needed.

Please call us at 732.360.4255 if you have questions.